About SILKROSS events

“These times we live in are turbulent, provoking introspection and prompting us
 to cast aside the approximate and the vague in favor of a more discerning approach,
 one that recognizes unique aspects and explores responses.
Let’s talk to each other!” — Thilo Fröde, owner

Since 1997, Silkross has been continuously expanding its network of partners involved in the practical staging of events and meetings in German‑speaking countries. Join us, and let’s look forward to planning your next event together.

Description: An Akhal‑Teke horse.
The name SilkRoss calls to mind a magnificent, accomplished, sleek horse,
 whose swift pace is unflinching and whose tenacity is unmatched.
These qualities define our company as well.
Photo: Olga Itina, AdobeStock